"pager" element addition posted: Tue 2011-07-19 00:30:12 tags: unnamed blog project

Set some dev goals that I want met before I call this blog app v1.0, and brainstormed a few candidates for a project name.

    First, the goals:
  1. pagination of the entry list in the landing page... done, using the PEAR Pager object, and much classier than my first date with Pager.
  2. Extend authentication to the landing page so that logged-in users see all posts, flagged hidden or not - done while I was implementing the Pager revision
  3. link-to-entry facility to focus on a given entry with extended details - needs its own module, maybe later this week
  4. Revision functionality for authenticated users in that single-entry view, maybe over the weekend

As far as naming the project: possibilities include "Brain Dump" (with or without a space) (harking back to my earliest chat community's bulletin board) or "Mind Dump"; or in keeping with the "fire" theme, "Cruciblog"; or evoking imagery of small, informal community, "Campfire". Cruciblog is too clever to not already be in use, but only in specific unrelated contexts so it's not like I'd be infringing.