fri posted: Fri 2015-04-17 08:10:20 tags: backups, tech
Thu wrap-up: There's no drama like alcohol drama! Dinner was the second half of a box of pierogi. Splashed that with some of the Sutter Home merlot that's been hanging around since the beginning of Lent. Overtired from poor sleep the previous night and the emotional impositions of the day, so I was asleep on-time.

Personal backups (prev 2/20, tsk)

Back in 2012-08 I implemented the TrueCrypt+Cobian+cloud secure backup strategy that's afforded me a lot of peace of mind. Something that's always bothered me is that the command-line invocation of MozBackup does not verify password entry, so if you fumble the password entry without realizing it, you have effectively overwritten your backup repository with garbage. I think I know how to improve on that.

Today's task is to divvy up Google Drive sync folder space so that confidential files stay confidential, and insensitive files don't bog down the secure part of the solution. With an 8GB vault file, the setup time is significant.