fri posted: Fri 2016-06-17 08:50:55 tags: housing
Wrapped my mind around the Ch13 discharge enough Thu that I wanted to celebrate a little, so I went straight from work to Casa Cupcake and from there we proceeded to Rosalita's. Tex-mex eggrolls, cactus chili (tasted like chili, did not taste anything that jumped out as cactusy, lost its bite and mellowed to sweetness by the time we finished), jalapeno corn muffin, a margarita, "Acapulco" (shrimp, scallops, chx) fajitas for me and a burro for her. A+, a little understaffed but not ridiculous.

Watched a movie which shall go unnamed (ok, trigger warning, it was 10 Cloverfield Lane), very entertaining dialogue subtleties but I'm not really a fan of the creepy-suspense genre and my Hostess Cupcake was infuriated at the ending. Slept like a baby though.

First coffee, did not stop home to change etc. before work, did have a clean Tshirt in my bag so I'm not totally dishevelled, did grab a double-meat chx sandwich at Subway en route, half that for breakfast plus more coffee, the other half for lunch. Stormy weather undermined the caffeine boost somewhat; but then for 2 days I'd been starting the day with extraordinary doses of caffeine too, so I suppose without resorting to a pill I should expect to feel less propped-up.

* * *

Had a hankering for the Pilchard mashup of Eric B + Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul" vs. Ian Dury's "Sex + Drugs + Rock + Roll", which led to a 90s alternative/industrial/grunge dance desk party.