tue posted: Tue 2016-08-09 08:54:38 tags: diet
Picked up mango protein drinks, rolls (still no bolillos, boo), lemon-lime seltzer, and JD chx biscuits on the way home last night. War*malt is far enough out of my way (and crossing 3 lanes to U-turn south on 441, nerve-racking) that I often end up with no ham-egg-chz muffans. Hence the trial of chx biscuits. They are pretty tasty and convenient. They heat faster and pack a little more protein.

Jimmy Dean Canadian ham, cracked egg, chz muffin: 12g protein / 220 kcal = .0545 protein index
Jimmy Dean Southern style chicken biscuit: 13g protein / 280 kcal = .0464 protein index

Back when I instituted my diet foods list, I came up with a daily calorie-needs calculation of 2035 kcal. I had read that starvation causes a hormonal shift to preserve fat stores at the expense of healthy muscle and organ tissue, which is why you see pics of malnourished African kids with wasted limbs but swollen bellies, so I aimed for a maximum deficit of 1000 kcal. Hence the bar for my "optimal" food protein value was 75g protein / 1035 kcal = .0725

I did the math to help inform my thoughts about redefining my protein choice bars, but it turns out that losing 15-20 lbs hasn't changed my needs dramatically. I was near the line between "overweight" and "obese", I've dropped down to rather squarely in the middle of "overweight". Plain chickpeas slipped from "optimal" to the high end of merely "good". Yogurt, eggs, soy milk, these juicy protein smoothie-shake drinks, homemade bean-and-meat chili, turkey dogs and burgers are still superior choices. JD muffins, PB on reduced-calorie (i.e. high-protein) bread, Taco Bell chicken soft tacos, sharp cheddar, and even a Subway italian sandwich (sans fatty dressings) are still reasonably good choices.

Paid phone bill
Put clean laundry away, integrated tshirts/briefs/sox box
Broken microwave to car for recycling and wash the salvaged glass plate
Dust/clean the former microwave shelf
Updated accounts registers and added the new investment channel
Retired another piece of exercise equipment I never use
Laid in a JD muffins supply plus trial JD Bacon Breakfast Bowl and Meat lovers same
Replaced worn-out/snapped plastic toilet flush lever with all-metal repl parts: $9

I never looked at the JD breakfast bowls seriously before. At $6.48ish per 4-pack, I think the chicken biscuits were even more expensive at Mal*wart than they are at Publix, so I ignored those. If 2 muffins is 24g protein and at $9/8-pack they cost out at $1.125 each, then a breakfast bowl with 24-27g protein for $2 is obviously an even better deal.

JD breakfast bowl, "Meat lover's" (bacon+sausage): 24g / 460 kcal = .0522 index value
JD breakfast bowl, "bacon" (per pkg nutrition info): 27g / 400 kcal = .0675 index value

(The JD website says their bacon bowls are 28g/410 kcal. Shrug.) So yeah, anyway, the meat-lover bowl is well above "mediocre", almost "good" protein index value. You could live on them and get adequate daily protein and still lose weight, albeit perhaps not as aggressively (or with as much leeway for comfort food choices) as with higher-value foods. The bacon bowl is the real surprise, well above the "good choice" bar and actually closer to "optimum". (Downsides: a lot of sodium, ~50% DV each; and the plastic packaging.) So hopefully the bacon is well-cooked and not gross, and I know what I'm probably eating for breakfast more often.

There is one variety out there that tops the bacon... the "Delights" Turkey Sausage:
22g / 240 kcal = a stunning .0917 index value, and significantly less sodium