mon posted: Mon 2016-10-10 08:35:13 tags: diet, finance
Dunno why I thought the Siggi's full-fat yogurt had so much more protein. Maybe I just assumed it would be similar to the Fage full-fat plain.

Siggi's non-fat blueberry 15g 120 .1250 13g
Fage full-fat plain 18g 190 .0947
Chobani nonfat blueberry 12g 130 .0923
Siggi's full-fat blueberry 12g 140 .0857 12g

I like the flavor, the less-liquid consistency, and the finely-processed blueberry in Siggi's vs. the whole-berry tendency in Chobani, so the fact that the Siggi's tops the protein index ranking is the icing on that cake.

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