mon posted: Mon 2016-10-24 09:37:54 tags: diet
After all the internal processing Sat-Sun, the 4th Sunday feeding event was almost blasť. Rote and automatic is good, frees up mental energy to appreciate and connect.

Next month, 4th Sun will fall on the weekend following Thanksgiving, so some of our volunteers will be out of town visiting family. So it's a good thing our volunteer base is growing. In Dec., 4th Sun will fall on Xmas Day, and the Methodist church is planning a big outreach event so I'm going to let St.G's event skip that month. Maybe we'll contribute to a gift-card fund.

Clean-up was quick and easy, got home before 8pm. Conked out early, woke 1:30ish to a neighbor knocking begging to "borrow" $25. Something about his car was towed for an expired registration sticker, who knows. They say never lend what you can't afford to give away, so I'm hoping it's a genuine mercy and not just contributing to someone's bad behavior. Got back to sleep within 30-45 minutes.

Slept in a little past the alarm, but got to work on-time.

Chik-Fil-A spicy chx sandwich: 30g protein / 490 kcal = .0612 protein index
CFA classic deluxe (w/am chz): 32g / 500 kcal = .064
Smashburger BBQ bacon + cheddar (w/big patty): 53g / 812 kcal = .0653