machine time posted: Mon 2012-01-30 16:49:38 tags: fitness
session 62: 3 sets on the cybex circuit, shooting for higher reps at lower weight settings.

leg curl: 20x 50#. Started at 70# but I could feel right away that I wasn't going to make 20 reps of it.

leg press: 16-20x 190#

arm curl: Yeah, last session wasn't just a fluke; I started off the upper-body part of the routine at the arm curl station and even being fresh in the arms and shoulders, 50# was just not workable. So I dropped down to 30#, and even at that weight, I could feel 12 reps would only be a first-set thing. Soooo... I fell back to 10#, working each arm individually. At that weight, each arm can do 15-20 reps.

overhead press: 12-16x 30#

ab crunch: 12-16x 70#

arm extension: 16-20x 50#

chest press: 12-16x 70-90#