mileage posted: Tue 2012-01-31 17:53:35 tags: fitness
session 63: 1 set on the machine circuit, and 3.3mi working on that edge of sustainability around 1-2 laps.

leg curls: 20x 50#
leg press: 20x 190#
arm curls: 16x 30x
overhead press: 12x 30#
ab crunch: 18-20x 70#
arm extension: 20x 50#
chest press: 16?x 70#?

A lap at 7.0mph is getting to be routine. 7.3mph was do-able for 3/4 of a lap, and as I told D.-, after 6.6mph for half a mile I felt like an aztec god. (A winded and overheated aztec god, but nonetheless.) Next week I'll probably be pushing past the one-lap mark to 1.25 or lap-and-half at 7.0.

Dinner: Subway footlong tuna on whole wheat, cheddar, tomato, pickle, black olive, spinach, chipotle dressing.