overlord friend cleanup posted: Wed 2012-02-01 12:00:21 tags: gaming, facebook
In early January of 2011 I started playing Night Owl Games' "Dungeon Overlord" on Facebook. Sometime in late November or early December, daily monster-feeding and continued dungeon development crossed some line from being fun to being a chore and a bore. I pretty much stopped playing at all by mid-December. Today I'm going through my "overlord" Facebook friend-list and unfriending my Overlord-only friends. That's about 60 people of some 880.

I also burned out on Farmville around the New Year. Zynga's content strategy crossed a different line, by providing so many limited-time goals that it was impossible to keep up without devoting a significant chunk of one's life to virtual farming. Or, in most cases, not even "farming", but virtual crafting and exchanging of arbitrary token gifts with other players. I can't say I'm done with Farmville but it's kind of looking that way. Assuming no crossover between Farmville and other friendlists (which isn't strictly true, but the crossover is only maybe 15-25%), that's another 112 "game friends" I could unfriend.