mileage posted: Fri 2012-02-03 13:57:39 tags: fitness
Session 64: 1 warm-up set on Cybex equipment at moderate weight settings. 3.3mi / ~44m43s, alternating full laps at 7.0-75mph and cooldowns, got bored after 2mi and shifted gears to finish at ~5.5mph.

I was listening to Classical South Florida a lot when my gabber mix-disc was too, um, intense for stop-and-go traffic or just feeling frazzled from room-hunting and being internetless at home. But last week they were in pledge-drive mode, so I found myself listening to the classic rock stations a bit more than usual. Stirred up a few songs I'd forgotten about: Eric Burdon + War: Spill the Wine; Boz Scaggs: Lowdown; Scorpions: Rock You Like a Hurricane.