mileage posted: Sat 2012-02-04 11:20:55 tags: fitness
The combination of a heavy lunch and day 3 of gloomy low atmospheric pressure held me back in the gym last night. The day after a moderate workout I tend to perform a little harder, so here's session 65:

3 sets on the Cybex circuit at high weight/low rep settings:
leg curls: 8-12x 90#
leg press: 10-12x 210#
overhead press: 6-10x 70#
arm curls: 6x 50# (both hands) and 12x 10# (1-handed each side)
ab crunch: 6x 110# + 12x 70#
arm extension: 10-12x 70#
chest press: 6-8x 90# + 6x 70#

3.3mi / 46m30s. 7.5mph is sustainable for *almost* a lap; 7.3 was a hard speed for a lap, but do-able, and 7.0 wasn't much easier. Alternated cooldowns and full-lap speeds after that but I took some extra long cool-downs. I can't say a handful of Cheez-its held me back; but after working hard on the Cybexes I wasn't exactly feeling froggy.