PO boxed and getting internetted posted: Tue 2012-02-07 11:40:27 tags: fitness, daylog
Woke ~7:15 feeling springy after last night's workout, session 66: 1x machine circuit targeting higher weight settings, and 3.3mi / 39m38s. 1mi at 6.0mph, cooldown, 1mi at 5.5ish, and then (per twitter) my brain overheated and I don't remember. I know I mixed in a half-lap at 8.0mph, and I vaguely remember that as I started the final lap, I figured I might beat the 40-minute mark, so I stepped up to a "speed" pace, probably somewhere in the 6.0-7.0mph range.

Afterward I swung by Target to round out my gym-towel collection, and found a sale on two-packs of thin, cheap, yet highly absorbent hand towels. I ended up with a 3-pack of new unmentionables as well. Sadly, Target's selection of what I call "work shirts" was lacking. The two I have, which are getting threadbare around the collar, were Walmart's discontinued "Puritan" brand. The closest style in Target's "Merona" house brand were a thinner fabric, and lacking the button-down collar buttons; there may have been another more suitable style, but none in stock in my size in plain basic white.

I also had a hot plate on my shopping list, but when I thought about it, I said "what am I going to cook on a hot plate, when I don't have a suitable sink to wash dishes in?" Then when I got home, I remembered the great majority of my use of the hot plate at my last room was to just to bring drinking water to a boil, to drive the chlorine out. One entry-level single-burner hot plate costs about the same or less than a 3-pack of Brita pitcher filters.

Also, a good night's sleep, and a respite from 5 straight days of overcast and rain helped my mood tremendously.

So - coffee and vitamins by 7:30, ran a load of laundry, called the landlord ~9:30 to find out where we're at with getting cable internets and was pleasantly surprised to hear he had the install kit already, and would bring it over this afternoon. I'd agreed to tenant the place another 2 months minimum, if he threw in cable internet service.

Point of information: my lappy likes to pretend it can connect to cablemodems at gigabit speed, and then the cablemodem doesn't assign an IP address to the computer. So it pays to force the hardware to a 100Mbit duplex connection, and what are the odds in 2012 that you'll have to connect to anything anywhere lower than that?

On my way out, I set up my first PO box. I wasn't sure how it works if someone sends a package that doesn't fit the box, but it turns out there's a whole wall of parcel lockers, ~8" x 12" x 18". And if somebody sent me something that didn't fit in a locker, I guess the postmasters tuck a card in my box and hold the parcel at the desk. Here's kind of a stupid thing... you have to present 2 forms of ID, one picture and one other that confirms your address. You can use the same box for multiple addressees, even mixed business and personal. $18 per 3 months seems like a very good deal.