nightlight posted: Mon 2017-06-05 10:32:05 tags: music
Silversun Pickups has been around quite a while, but I never heard of them until I started listening to 104.3 "The Shark" (calls itself "alternative" but there's a lot of crossover with what more urban markets call "adult contemporary"). Silversun Pickups last album "Better Nature" came out 2015-09-25 and the lead single "Nightlight" was released to radio 2015-08-06, but regardless of when The Shark added it to their rotation, it didn't really register in my consciousness until around this past new year.

There is a 7:46 extended video with some spoken-word content that doesn't appear in the 4:57 radio version:

* * *

This is my darkness
This is my world
I breathe and I stop 
because the truth must be told
I killed him (4x)
I killed him for he saw me for who I was
I'll start from the beginning
I couldn't sleep for a million nights
The radio kept playing the same song
Over and over and over and over and over
The only thing that kept me safe,
that kept them away
My nocturnal sonic (sonnet?)
My song... the light at night...
all night... nightlight
I was searching for something beyond the night, 
Beyond the lights, every night
It is my seduction or my destruction
I saw myself in so many ways I was afraid to see
What I wanted to see versus what I was forced to see
I was free to see
in the night - in the light