mileage posted: Fri 2012-02-10 18:56:20 tags: fitness
Last time I was in the gym was Monday, Tuesday I felt "springy", then Tuesday evening I got fixed up with in-house cable Internet and I've been luxuriating in that all week, after a month of leeching open access at mccafés and nakamals. Also, Wednesday night I must have slept funny because my neck and shoulders were stiff Thursday and still a little sore today.

Creaky or not, session 67: 2 sets on the cybex circuit and 3.3mi / 44m40s.

leg curl: 12-15x 70#
leg press: 15-16x 210#
overhead press: 12-15x 50#
arm curl: 12x 50#
ab crunch: struggled with 10x 90# on set 1, 12x fast in an abbreviated range of motion near the start on set 2 because I feel like that's my weak spot
chest press: 12x 90#
arm extension: 12-15x 50#

Between cooldowns, I hit a lot of different speeds, most notably 8.0mph for about 3/4 lap, and a good mile at a moderate 5.5mph pace.

More about that abbreviated range of motion - I'm at a point where I want to progress to 110# ab crunches, and once I get the weight moving I can do enough to make a worthwhile short set; but getting the weight moving is a problem. I'm putting the wrong muscles into it. I have a smiliar sticking point with arm curls but it's near the end of the motion range (i.e. maximum curl), and I worked a similar abbreviated range on that station on the second set. I think the addition of one-armed curls at 10# weight has helped a lot more than I anticipated, so much so that I wanted to apply the same principle on the overhead press, but the design of that machine prohibits a one-handed form.