thu - day 2 posted: Thu 2017-10-05 08:39:28 tags: healing
Dawn's blog: Coping with Anger

Brain is still on Pacific time; don't remember Miss Cupcake getting up, and then suddenly it was after 9am. Had to swing by Publix to retrieve my fon. Was late anyway so I picked up some yogurt, protein drinks, seltzer and rolls for work en route too.

AdvCap replay event: "Cashella". Bought the 20 gold, 3x profit boost and it makes the event pace tolerable without giving it all away in an evening.

Haven't seen a new TEC "Thursdays at 2" video since March, I assume the series is dead.

I made a modest donation to the Diocese, in response to the Bishop's appeal for relief to the southern part of the Diocese hit hard by Irma. This was before Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and now I feel like I want to give something toward that too, but at the same time, I also feel like
- I can't open my wallet for every disaster appeal
- Yes we should relieve suffering after disasters, but we should also encourage disaster-risk populations to migrate to safer places, build more shelters, and beef up existing shelters and building standards in general so we don't have to keep rescuing and/or burying victims.

It's a bit face-palming that we ignore these miserably poor places like Haiti or Bahamas until a hurricane rapes them and then suddenly our hearts are bleeding. An ounce of prevention, etc. It's great that, for example, Bondeau has a church and school alongside its orphanage mission, but wouldn't it be swell if the school and/or church doubled as Cat5-rated storm shelters.