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CA: I noticed the Elite Deliverance Warbanner in the 100v100 rewards shop. For "balanced" type generals (e.g. Annika, Bogo, Syren), it gives +5% att AND def, +25 pierce, and has 1 forge slot which of course you'd forge with a bronze ingot stack of piercing (2500 guild coins). I also noticed a Shield of Endless Cycles among my gear, scored from random Ouroboros guild monster looting. It has no forge slots, but with 50 physical and 25 earth pierce it's effectively as good as the Elite Warbringer shield forged with a bronze piercing stack. My Elite WB Shield wasn't even forged, and there are many things I would upgrade with an electrum pierce ingot before I sort of waste one pushing the Elite WB past the Endless Cycles shield. Then I realized... silver pierce and resist ingots are a thing. I blew 2500 guild coins on a bronze ingot stack for that Elite Deliverance Warbanner. Boo.

After that I realized maybe I need a little refresher course in forging. For a 1-slot item, it's simple: forge an available item with the highest combined pierce or resist factor from the following list:
bronze ingot: 25 physical
dull (or cloudy, but why would you) gem: 15 physical + 15 elemental = 30 effective
bronze ingot stack: 35 physical
silver ingot: 45 physical
bright gem (alchemy of dull + cloudy gem): 25 physical + 25 ele = 50 effective
electrum ingot: 55 physical

For multi-slot items you can only forge one ingot, so in a second slot you'll want that bright earth gem, and if there's a 3rd slot, some random other elemental gem? Or maybe a chaos gem but I haven't gotten my feet wet in that corner of the game yet.

From Orc Hordes I had a wealth of silver ore and even a couple of silver ingots already alchemied. What I still do not have is enough gold pierce ore to make an electrum pierce ingot; but I did have enough components for an electrum resist ingot. But I had no gear in compelling need of an upgrade, so I'm just going to hold onto that until I grind enough guild coins to afford more Elite Retribution gear to forge it on.

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Gathering a Sense of Things
Drive thru town, and around downtown
Find places with views
Stop in a random place
Commute options / public transit
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