clickers posted: Mon 2017-10-16 09:32:29 tags: gaming
Saturday Miss Cupcake sent me a link to a podcast that discussed "clicker" type games. The main focus was "Universal Paperclip" (hereafter UPC), a new-ish entry in the subgenre of what are more generally know as "idle" games. My descent into the phenomenon was mostly via "Adventure Capitalist", starting in mid-2015? The podcast mentioned AdvCap. Earlier this year when I'd done everything there was to do in AdvCap I tried "Taps to Riches" for a while, but part of the content seemed mysteriously broken/inaccessible, and the constant begging for real-money transactions was a turn-off too. So I abandoned it after maybe 3-4 months?

UPC was mercifully short - I was able to play through, after a restart, in 1 day of focused play. The podcast mentioned another game, "Cookie Clicker", as a seminal entry in the clicker genre, so I gave it a brief look too, before turning the the internets to find out how long it takes to unfold. The answer is, maybe a few months to complete MOST of the "achievements", but some are so arcane that there's a Reddit thread where some people report having played for YEARS "semi-casually" without garnering all the badges. So, I started playing it last night before I read that, but I think knowing now how much time can be sunk into it, I'll let it go now.