wed posted: Wed 2017-10-18 10:59:12 tags: motion
Gave verbal notice, although 2.5 months out there's a lot of work ahead of me still. My team seemed to appreciate the ample notice though.

I love working in an organization that opens meetings with prayer. Reflecting on what I've learned from working here at The Good Job - it chokes me up to think of it that way, and remember what a contrast in liberation it was after 13 years at The Bad Job - anyway, I need to get back into more engineering-type project-oriented work. I get dangerously bored doing rote work like producing thank-you letters or manually tweaking monthly financial report formatting every month on the 20th. It is not mindless work at all, but it's not creative. Many people would not look at WAMP app development as "creative". Architectural design, interior design, fine arts, culinary arts, these are readily accessible as "creative" careers. Even web design, people see the end result of choices of colors, fonts, layouts etc. and understand the creativity involved. But the backend stuff like relational database normalization or writing elegant middleware adapters? Most people don't know what that even means, much less appreciate the creativity.