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a story about a mom who stood up for her kid
I don't particularly trust a domain called "beauty things dot info" to host real stories, but attacking the veracity of the story ignores the point that bullying and sexual harrassment happen
in schools. When I was in high school there was a kid who thought it was hilarious to sneak up behind other kids and pull their pants down. "Pantsing". Humiliating but not devastating to a boy chatting with his girlfriend, which is what I was doing when he did it to me. Assault, certainly. Sexual assault? Technically but that's kind of stretching it. But when he did it to a girl, and pulled down not just her leggings but her underwear as well... yes, that is sexual assault.

What didn't happen, what should happen but unfortunately can't happen in chronically underfunded schools, is there needs to be investigation into whether this was a lone incident or just one of a series or even a culture of depredation. Why did I not report it or punch the kid out? Because your-word-against-theirs conflicts were not handled. I don't know how or if they CAN be handled, but they weren't. In many cases reporting would create more tension than if you just let it go and kept your head down. So kids like the pantsing POS got away with it on a small scale, until they broke into the big time and got expelled.

What really resonated with me about the story was the point that a system that should have protected the daughter and zero-toleranced the boy's bullying before it became a self-defense issue, failed and almost inverted justice. School is suppsed to be preparation for life, so what kind of life is it preparing kids for when they're punished for defending themselves?

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