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Started watching S1 of Hannibal series last night. As E1 opens, we meet Hugh Dancy as FBI special investigator Will Graham, but I'm not really a big fanboy of Harris's stories and wasn't listening carefully, so I just assumed this Aspie not-quite-agent with a psych background was young Dr. Lecter. Then when Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and his accent appeared as the show's actual Hannibal, it was a bit confusing. There's an old adage along the lines that a merely good actor makes you see this man as Hamlet, a gifted actor makes you see Hamlet as this man. Not having read Thomas Harris's books, I don't know if Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of Dr. Lecter betrays the text by lacking a mumbly semi-germanic accent, but Hopkins certainly imbued the character with a more credibly satisfying charisma.

Also, the show takes total liberties with chronology - if "Red Dragon" (novel 1981, movies 1986 (the flop known as "Manhunter) and 2002) and "Silence of the Lambs" (novel 1988, movie 1991) establish a canon, then this TV series, as a prequel, blows up the canon with cell phones and crime-tabloid Internet bloggers. This is a complaint I have with superhero reboot movies and now it applies to TV's Hannibal too: it would demonstrate much more creativity to have wholly new stories, than to reboot established characters and stories into today's comm-tech milieu. It's OK that cell phones and bloggers didn't exist in 1975, when Harris's novel "Red Dragon" establishes Hannibal Lecter was apprehended. It's OK to tell that story without cell phones and bloggers. "Silence of the Lambs" managed to win 5 Academy Awards without giving Clarice Starling a cell phone. The Captain America and Wonder Woman origin movies work despite Cap and Diana lacking access to Wikipedia and Facebook. Why do we need or even want a young Graham/Lecter dynamic with smartphones in the background? Serial killing peaked in the 70's and 80's and has dramatically declined since then. Now it's almost an anachronism.

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