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GrabYourWallet.org keeps an eye on which companies are reselling Trump products or contributing to Trump's exploitation of the presidency for personal gain

National Episcopal Church job listings for laity
Diocese of NC jobs

combed brokerage, credit and Paypal to remove links to The Bad Bank
Cashed my "buy 10 - get 1" card at Blvd Subs... only took 2.5 years :p

Paypal charges $.25 to move money from its pool to a linked debit card account, but nothing to move money to a linked bank account. But! do I want to link a bank account to Paypal? I feel iffy about that, much more iffy than linking it to another bank credit card or to a brokerage bank. Paypal is not a bank, they escape U.S. bank regulations and you could say they're not exactly known for efficient customer service. For penny-ante transfers like Ibotta's $20-minimum increment, I'm inclined to just leave it parked with Ibotta until I decide whether I'm going to accumulate cash-backs fast enough to care. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had a family and house to supply and feed, but in our present circumstances I feel like couponing is a net waste of time investment.