sun posted: Sun 2017-11-12 08:36:05 tags: beer
Visited the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for their free admission day yesterday, and walked a bit along the waterfront. Lunch at Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fishmarket. I wasn't sure about beers so I took a local IPA suggestion, El Farito. This had a delicious citrus and saison character up front, balanced well against the bitter finish. Garcia's had a fun view of the Miami River, which is basically a cargo canal at that point. Stopped by Delray Kia on the return route to see if we could get Miss Cupcake into a used Soul with a lower payment, but used Soul stock is hard to find.

Ascended my Cookie Clicker session after breakfast. Had our pick of good seats when we arrived for the 1:15 Thor (3): Ragnarok showing. It did not disappoint. Turkey burgers and leftover gumbo for dindins. Long thoughts about low-carb meal planning. "Over the Hedge" (2006).