sat posted: Sat 2017-11-18 19:33:08 tags: n/a
Copied Miss Cupcake's files from her Powerbook preparatory to decommissioning it
Dropped my hotplate among miscellaneous donations at Goodwill

Dropped old fōnes at Best Buy and priced low-end scanners.
$150 buys a low-end single-sheet-feeding type. Flatbeds have an advantage in irregularity tolerance but advances in smrtfon camera resolution are closing that gap. For as infrequently as I hope to ever scan after I finish the master archival project, I don't think it's worth paying full retail for a new scanner. I might hunt a cheap one down on CL after the jump.

T'Day bubbly and an economical merlot (Low Hanging Fruit... OK but for the money I'd rather have Sutter Home)
Watched The Fallen w/Denzel Washington, John Goodman, James Gandolfini, Donald Sutherland