tue posted: Tue 2017-11-21 06:01:19 tags: finance
Picked up POB mail, esp. Haugk's "Finding Hope and Healing" ("Journeying through Grief" bk 3) from St. G's.

E.- was first to pipe up to take custody of the box o' Runequest (3rd Ed., 1993) material.

Brokerage account funding has cleared or will clear soon, so it's time to look at a few things.
- Performance. Am I happy with ROI on my current holdings?
- Selection. What commission-free securities are available since one broker expanded its fee-free list?
- Fees. The industry had a commission fee price war recently, how much does that affect my leverage?
- Buys. How are popular "buy and hold" recommendations performing compared to "hot" symbols?

Since MLPJ liquidated, all I'm holding now is REM, DIV, GYLD, JNK, and a basket of mutual funds.

Since purchase, growth on the mfunds has been eye-opening: from a low of 5.29% on BIPIX, the lowest, to 18% on INPIX; 21% on RYVYX; 32% on UGPIX; and 39% on SMPIX. That the semiconductor market is booming should be no surprise - we've crossed a cost-efficiency threshold and investment in photovoltaic solar farms is runaway worldwide, on top of all the emerging wearable tech and smart appliances.