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RDU crime heat maps
RPD (but not Cary) cooperates with CrimeMapping.com; RDU centers on ZIP 27605

Nox's "Sport" button - I was curious whether this basically switches turbo aspiration on, but no - aside from whatever it does to "tighten" steering, power-wise it just increases gas pedal response, so you rev up the engine faster (i.e. feed it more gas at the same pedal pressure vs. "sport mode" off). If the engine is turbo, it's "always on" turbo.

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Every so often I revisit this problem: My daily routine would be a little more settled and functional if there was a satisfying (~300-500 kcal) high-protein (25-30g) thing I could eat on my commute. I know, "eating while driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving". So, since people are not going to stop doing that, the burden is on intelligent eating drivers to choose foods that offer the least distractions. The 30g boosted milk things are OK I guess, but something with "chew" would be better. What has high protein (~30g), low carbs (not powersaucebars), isn't heavy on nitrates or sodium (i.e. not jerky), isn't semi-liquid (how do you get the last few grams of yogurt from the bottom of the container while driving stickshift? you don't), doesn't crumble crumbs everywhere (granola bars), doesn't get your hands sticky or greasy, definitely doesn't need to be heated (i.e. no egg-cheese rollups)?

Roasted chickpeas
Luna Bars
...um... yeah

I'm not averse to baking my own breakfast MREs once a week or so. Depending on form and packaging, a high-protein bean flour / peanut butter / vital wheat gluten cookie biscuit sort of thing would be grand.

Epicurious: Fast + Easy Seitan (vital wheat gluten TVP)

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I would have sworn GasBuddy had a "top tier" filter, or at least indicated top-tier fuel outlets with an icon flair, or when you mouse-hovered or something. Can't find it anymore. Why does it matter? A Consumer Reports study showed that whatever marginal premium you pay for sourcing top-tier (detergent certified) gasoline was worth it in performance and mitigated engine wear.

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Since E. was part of that circle, and I'm mailing her RQ books to Fair Lawn, I suddenly remembered there was a game shop along one of the major commercial zone roads in Fair Lawn. There was a sort of circuit I'd run, when I was trying to plug the void in my life with material possessions, from the Garden State Mall basement shoppes game store, through Fair Lawn, to the music store on Rt 46, to Willowbrook Mall and maybe Montclair Book Store. The RQ crowd also sourced a lot of their M:tG and RQ stuff at the Fair Lawn store, can't think of the name right now though.