tue posted: Tue 2017-11-28 04:32:30 tags: n/a
Woke feeling fairly refreshed despite having gone to bed late-ish for a school night, and waking flailing before Miss Cupcake's alarm from a dream where I was going to lunch with a couple coworkers and one thought it'd be funny to wave a mosquito hawk or daddy-longlegs in my face. A little light cardio when Miss woke up, shower, coffee/cocoa and rye muffin while I read a little about investing in closed-end mutual funds.

I recently discovered a whole financial radio station broadcasting out of Boca, so I've been soaking up some random shows here and there about estate planning, annuities, etc. en commute.

Once the distro settled I peeled off a couple chunks into brokerage, but I haven't had a block of time to refresh the free-ETF lists and pick something to actually invest in. I feel edgy about buying anything so near year-end, when more experienced traders are likely eyeballing their underperformers or tax sacrifices, and me not understanding how that should influence my own choices.