fri posted: Fri 2017-12-01 06:56:14 tags: n/a
Got woke around 1:30AM by a fire alarm, apparently someone didn't check to make sure their ashtray was all extinguished before they dumped it down the trash chute, or just threw something lit down it. In an odd way that's more satifying than if it was a false alarm or malfunction.

Took our time getting back to sleep, so when my phone rang at minutes to 7AM I let it ring to voicemail. Turned out it was Enterprise because the truck was left blocking their gate, locked up and key nowhere to be found. I called the volunteer driver and got an earful about how poorly-communicated, unrecognized, and all-around shady the experience was. Affirmed his feelings and assured him there would be a remediation process. Followed up with Enterprise. Took at least another 45 minutes composing a report for the rest of the staff.

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