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Fuel-up: 23.35 / 9.814 gal

Emailed St.G communications mgr re: transferring SFHP domain, since email to the parish admin (M 11/20) and "office@" (M 11/27) hadn't elicited any response. Once I had confirmation that the church would take over the registrant role, I prepaid 3 years and changed accountholder info to the comm mgr.

"The Adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser" was in Bookbub's discount alert email today. Was tempted to add it to my Kindle library for $2.99, but realistically I'm not itching to re-read Leiber's series anytime soon. Possibly never. Plus I'd frankly be surprised if the deal comprised the complete Fafhrd/Gray Mouser canon, and anything less is not worth the $3.

Scanned Mom's black bean soup recipe, via Uncle David, into a PDF and sent to GDrive for my recipe library.

Castle Age: Arena Season 11. Unless you keep on it to rank in the top 2 tiers, rewards are crap (a handful of treasure chest pulls, chaos crystal shards). I have little interest and less time to burn on staying on top of the Arena heap.

Figured out online bill-pay, sent the donation I'd intended to The Portland Abbey's food pantry (Hereford House) in Mom's memory, emailed the church and food pantry coordinator to let them know a gift is en route, discarded the worship program and wish list flyer.

Today I noticed TD had dropped JNK from its commission-free ETF list in the midst of nearly tripling the number of symbols that trade commission-free. I wasn't the only person to see favorite ETFs fall off the list; some popular Vanguard funds went pay-to-trade too. Why? Because TD is heading in a pay-to-play direction where it charges the fund to offer it to investors commission-free. Vanguard opted not to play along. So I'm pretty glad I had already started shifting in a mutual fund direction with that house.