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Metro's best smrtfon under $100 might be the ZTE Zmax Pro. For the amount of use I put my fōn to, it's worth getting a bit spendy. I bought into the smrtfon evolution in early '14 with a 4GB, $30, 3.8" Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. I'd have to consult my old debit card records to be sure, but I think I retired it in early '16 for the 8GB, 5" Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. I beefed that up with a 64GB SD card maybe 6 months ago? I'd assumed that I would be able to move apps to the SD storage and alleviate the annoyance of having to clean out the "insufficient storage" everytime app updates got pushed, but the reality turned out that few apps allowed themselves to be moved to the SD and even those that did, took it on themselves to move back to "native" ROM at each update.

So after the new year (or even now, really) would not be crazy soon to step up to a roomier fōn. I mulled over specs awhile, and it feels like a toss-up between the Zmax Pro and LG's Stylo 3 Plus. I feel like 16GB system ROM would be plenty adequate; I would happily sacrifice the bump to 32GB for a later Android base (7.x "Nougat" at minimum) and 8-core processing. The Zmax Pro is 8-core and 32GB, but looks to be stuck on 6.x "Marshmallow" with a 7.x update still in the works. (The GGP is quad-core, and its multitasking limitations are quickly evident when Google Navigate is running and you try to do pretty much anything else.) The Stylo 3+, about 10 months newer, costs $50 more but launched with 7.x, and 8.x "Oreo" updates for it are already emerging from the bleeding-edge DIY community. So if Metro doesn't have anything even more compelling by the time we dig our heels into RDU, the Stylo 3+ will probably be the direction I'd go from Metro's selection.

But! Metro also has the "bring your own unlocked GSM phone and we'll just pop a SIM in it for $10" option. Tom's Hardware suggests the Motorola G5 Plus, OnePlus 5T, and Huawei Honor 7X. Metro's "is your phone compatible" page doesn't confirm any of these at this time, but they could just be behind the curve on verifying new product outside their off-the-shelf lines.

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