tue posted: Tue 2017-12-19 09:01:00 tags: n/a
Account registers updated
Dishwasher loaded and run started
No coffee; 50mg caf pill w/ cheese melt roll at work for breakfast
Leftover chx+broccoli casserole for lunch

Miss Cupcake sold the Warhammer "Realm of Chaos" hardcovers (Slaves to Darkness; The Lost and the Damned). She's also captained the furniture sell-off efforts.

I've been telling OK Google "take a memo" a bit more lately without thinking about where my memos go. I thought thay would get turned into emails to myself. Today I noticed they haven't. They also haven't been going to Google Keep, as one Google help page suggests they should; maybe because I didn't have the Keep app on my fōn or maybe because I don't have GMail enabled on my Google services account (because I strongly suspect Google would bungle my preferences). Whatever the case, I still need an actually-working voice-note-to-text-note mechanism on my 'droid.

Next step in motion is to narrow the first-year rental choices to 4-5 strong candidates. Which I'll be happy to do, but I am also straining to put a ton of work to bed before week's end.

Notes from the daily stroll toward Inbox Zero:
Rehailitating Freud
NerdWallet: age-of-accounts milestone next mo. should boost my credit score a significant notch