sat posted: Sun 2017-12-31 07:41:55 tags: n/a
Straightened up and rested up from our little travel whirlwind. Picked up scripts and Miss Cupcake's repaired earrings. Black beans, rice, platanos maduros; polished off the remaining mini eclairs, pinot grigio and vinho verde.

pre-New-Year thoughts
We resumed our Sons of Anarchy spree with S6E3~5. At the part in E3 where Galen puns on Jax's "hands off" monologue, Miss remarked ironically something like "yeah, this is so much better than [Hannibal]". I agree; unlike Weeds (or even perhaps Sopranos, or Breaking Bad and therefore Better Call Saul), following SOA was not my idea, and not something I would ever have glommed onto on my own. I drew the line at Hannibal because we quickly saw how its violence was not merely chronic and gruesome, a moral on how violence becomes increasingly necessary to realize the fruits of bad faith - but lingered meditatively on torture, extraordinary brutality, extended agony and trauma, psychosis, misery, terror and degradation for their own sake.

So when we finish SOA I hope we can agree on more wholesome viewing matter.