sun posted: Sun 2017-12-31 10:44:02 tags: n/a
Introvert or "highly sensitive" extrovert?

After breakfast Miss Cupcake asked something along the lines of "do you think you'll owe a lot in taxes this year". I'll owe no more and no less than tax code prescribes, so how much is "a lot"? I thought it was totally and transparently established that I'm in position to worry LESS about money than ever before in my adult life.

Long, long thoughts in review of 2017's instances of boundary muddyness and manipulation, counseling to validate my autonomy, and how we've learned to negotiate our differences more peacefully and fairly. Inconclusive thoughts, because destructive relationship strategies don't pop up full-blown overnight and thus aren't corrected overnight either. I'm satisfied that we're moving in the right directions, with faithful intentions.