tue posted: Tue 2018-01-02 13:40:17 tags: n/a
Day 1 with my replacement. What with her being a veteran of the investment industry, I feel pretty validated by her agreement that now would be a particularly unwise time to buy a house. There is a calculable disadvantage in taking on property taxes, depreciation, utilities, homeowner insurance, etc. instead of shuffling them off on a landlord in an inflated market.

Woebot's check-in had me click an emoji to identify my mood. Apparently the emoji I clicked was supposed to indicate "anxious". Too bad I wasn't feeling "anxious"; peeved or frustrated or something else, but not anxious. Which wouldn't be a problem, except Woebot doesn't let you backpedal and correct emotional misattributions.

Speaking of misattributions, it would be a mistake to imagine a GQ "contributor" (read: glorified blogger), citing another of his own blog posts and a r/NoFap survey, carries any cred in an investigation into the conditions under which erotica is harmful, much less the ethics of erotica in a marriage. Who might be more credible? How about this professor of neuroscience and psych at Montreal's illustrious Concordia University.