thu posted: Thu 2018-01-04 08:11:14 tags: n/a
Yesterday's fuel-up: Wasn't too confident it was a standard fill-up due to hair-trigger pump halts, but
274.9 mi / 8.384 gal = 32.8 mpg o.O

Wrangled scattered receipts into the 2017 bag. Pulled 2010 financial records to review + shred; recommissioned the bag for 2018. Processed all the fōn notepad notes. Spam has fallen off dramatically since shortly before the new year, not sure what's going on there but I like it.

I have a 10.36 Ibotta earning pending from Booking.com, which can take up to 30 days after the stay to clear. We stayed only 3 of the 4 booked nights so maybe that will only come out to 7.59? Then maybe I'll let my earnings ride to $40 before I withdraw. I also had an uncomfortable chunk in Venmo, so I sent it to cashflow for safety.

Xmas boat parade make-up event accepted and 2 weekend events calendared: DC Sakura festival.

Eulogy review of 2010 financials was rough. Early that year I'd got a flurry of offers to settle my long-past-due credit card balances for 50% or less - but when I aproached Dad for help, he declined and instead recommended I "walk away from it" as if collectors just get tired and give up if you ignore them long enough. I mean, I knew that wasn't a real direction but I didn't feel like I had anywhere else to turn. Same thing in 2013 when I was looking to fund my Ch13 case, but at that point I was only asking for like $3800, not $18000 worth of assistance. And then when that dust settled he had the gall to try to present himself as someone I should feel I could turn to in an emergency... lol... asshole