sun posted: Sun 2018-01-07 09:31:04 tags: n/a
For a while now I've adopted the affectation of referring to a smartphone as a "fōn", but typing out the html entity code for the o-with-macron is less even parsimonious than just spelling out "phone", so I thought about settling on "fone". Saving one letter doesn't feel worthy of the affectation either though. It will probably itch my phonetic sense, but no one with half a brain would be totally mystified if I went with "fon" (no macron) either. So let's try that for a bit.

Revisited fon specs again this morning, and decided I what I really really want is the (pronounced WAH-way) Huawei Honor 7x: 5.93", 32GB storage / 3GB RAM, 2.36GHz 8-core CPU, 16MP main / 8MP selfie cams. Ordered one, and discarded the spreadsheet I'd instituted to compare fones. And the cars comparison sheet too, since I'm probably not trading in Nox anytime soon. If I did, I know much better now what exactly I'd make that leap for anyway.

Filed all the things neatly in the important-files box. Swapped in the vacuum packaging in the fan-stand stack because the vac will be among the very last things packed.

Windows 10 "Fall Creators Update". I don't think I'm quite ready to link my Android phone to my PC, without some explanation of how exactly that benefits me vs. what caveats/downsides, security concerns, or advertising/tracking invasion I should expect. The linking thing requires installation of Cortana, i.e. YET ANOTHER APP on my fon. The ability to "continue tasks on my PC" is simply not a compelling justification for yet-another-fon-app. I can already "share" a browser URL by email, or text it to my Google Voice number, to pick up on my PC where I left off on my fon. Nor can I imagine why I would be interested in getting missed-call, low-battery, or other fon notifications on my Windows PC.

The update reset my touchpad to "inverted" and inertial two-finger scroll. The usefulness of being able to pin contacts to the taskbar is very limited. The addition of the (U.S. English only) speech recognition "keyboard" alternative is interesting ... provided you don't share workspace with other workers who would naturally be distracted by extensive verbalizing.