tue posted: Tue 2018-01-09 05:20:16 tags: n/a
exited some local Meetup groups (#Resist, PB Mensa, WPB Socrates Cafe); joined Cary's #Resist

Looked up the Mensa local chapter that includes Cary. Mensa Eastern North Carolina (MENC) is a huge chapter that covers half the state, from the coast to an irregular western boundary just east of Charlotte in the south, and just west of the RDU metro area in the north. And I thought Palm Beach Co's chapter was too large...

Today's Mensa bulletin: a story on how 2018 will see a critical mass of researchers focusing on increasing human intelligence, another story exploring machine consciousness. Juxtaposed, they tell me that we are heading into an intelligence race, in my lifetime, where the dangers are more likely along Terminator/Matrix lines rather than Gibson's cyberpunk or Asimov's well-tamed robot stories.

After Val locked up for the night and I was packing up my lappy (and forgetting my umbrella ... oops), I indulged a few moments of emotion. EC gave me 3 years on such a different path from what had brought me back to FL in 2002. I felt overwhelming gratitude, and a sense of healing from the continual integrity challenges and toxic environment at The Bad Job. Instagrammed a last pic of my office door and the crucifix on the wall next to it before I exited.

Tue is Bar Louie's dollar burger night, and even their signature burger creations (e.g. the Bleu Louie) are less than half what you;d pay from the regular menu. I went with the Blue and after a 14oz beer I decided I was up for another beer and a turkey burger with cheese and tomato/pickle. Miss had the Bulleit burger and too late we remembered that we were previously unimpressed with the Bulleit sauce.

Watched the next-to-last episode of Sons of Anarchy and conked out.