wed posted: Wed 2018-01-10 07:54:43 tags: n/a
Woke well-rested around 7:30~8am. Let Miss sleep in a while. Inst coffee+cocoa. Adapted my Cobian backup parameters to the new computer, which is not so new anymore and I should be a bit embarrassed that backups were backburnered this long. Miss started the oven self-cleaning cycle. We booked car rental for AUS and hotel for the couple nights before we can move in to the new place, so that all feels more safety-netted.

I ordered a new fon Sunday and expected it to ship 2-day Monday. The sender emailed at 3am yesterday (Tue) to say it shipped, but the shipper's tracking is still stuck on "label created". So here's hoping their crap tracking system is just behind the curve as usual, and I'll actually get it today. Or tomorrow at latest, because why the heck did I pay for 2nd-day shipping if I don't get it for 4+ business days?

Preparing to have my PO box forwarded to the new address... when I opened my credit union account I didn't think to register my POB as an "authorized" address, and the authorization is not instant so I'm going to have to revisit that task tomorrow.

Set up electric and cable internet service. Purged the music I'd flagged on 2017-12-06, plus a Bad Brains freebie, and rearranged some stragglers into /misc. I'll have to revisit that entry sometime when I can listen to all my industrial noise and punk without grating on Miss Cupcake's nerves.