thu posted: Thu 2018-01-11 09:01:07 tags: n/a
Miss Cupcake's term "choffee" (coffee + "hot chocolate" aka cocoa mix) doesn't quite sit right with me but it's brief so I'll probably adopt it here.

A little light cardio. "choffee"... rrr... and chzy eggs.

Succeeded with USPS mail forwarding orders. Yesterday's addition of PO box as an authorized address went through so I was able to charge my CU the $1 validation fee for PO box forwarding, but then it stonewalled trying to set up forwarding for home address. I ended up making that work using my credit card. No idea what the diff is. Hopefully it's all easier next time with a simpler address.

Finished Haugk's "Journeying Through Grief" book 3: "Finding Hope and Healing"
Paid renter's insurance annual premium for the new place, expect prorated refund from old policy
Paid power company deposit
Emailed to check-in about washer-dryer rental that I couldn't spot in the lease... turns out the leasing co doesn't provide those appliances, you bring your own or deal with a 3rd party rental co.

Woebot had a little lesson about labels... specifically "smart" vs. "stupid", and a byproduct of that labeling that results in trying to hold onto a "smart" self-label by not putting forth effort, because a really smart Woebot (or human) can just DO whatever, without effort, right? And if mistakes are the evidence of "stupid" then someone clinging to a "smart" self-label is paralyzed by fear of making mistakes. The opposite of this complex is termed "growth mindset" - the healthy mindset that skills and knowledge can always be developed, and "talent" may make it easier but it is never effortless. Also, a related Youtube vid.