fri - registration and housewares posted: Fri 2018-01-26 08:03:26 tags: motion
Arrived at the MV office at 8:10ish to be at the front of the line when they opened at 8:30 to get cars registered. Voter registration and organ donor opt-in at the same time. Breakfast at Gypsy's Shiny Diner and home by 10am.

Changed addr with insurance co's and got new rates
Updated addr with bank, credit, life insurance and brokerage providers
Setup online acct mgmt and corrected addr for washer/dryer rental
Lowe's for showerhead and lighting solutions, a stepladder and balcony gardening gear
Target for a dresser cube, more showerhead and return measuring spoons we didn't need after all
Garage Brothers for Miss Cupcake's art table

Miss initiated troubleshooting for internets hiccups (intermittent but really disruptive when you're banking or shopping online). Diagnostics showed our connection speed is indeed sub-par so I guess I'm glad she ran with that ball.

Installed showerhead solutions. Assembled the dresser cube thing. Learned about the invasive Asian multicolor ladybird beetle to inform our decision to feed or evict them from the house.

2do: setup online acct mgmt w/cable interwebs, energy, and note billing due date cycles