sun posted: Sun 2018-01-28 10:08:36 tags: motion, music
Since we moved in, we had sporadic internet hiccups, like you're reading webmail one moment and you click a link, something totally legit like for example a Reddit link Miss Cupcake sent me, but the browser times out. Or you're literally in the middle of logging into online banking and you get "the page cannot be found" DNS resolution error messages in the browser. Did your cybershopping transacrion process? Is it a cyberattack, do I need to rotate passwords? Then you tracert and ping and the sites are there, so wtf is going on.

The tech called on the way this morning to say his remote tools show the cablemodem is connecting fine, so he wanted to blame it on our router, or neighborhood wifi density interference. This could explain slow speeds but to my knowledge, does not adequately explain the sporadic total page-load barfing. Nonetheless he refreshed our connection hardware in the house and at the outside multiplex. Meanwhile I'll chalk it up to Spectrum's clumsy insertion of interstitial pages to arm-twist assent to TOS, and I'll consider buying us up to a WAP/router with "5G" protocol capability (ours ends at wireless-N) if the problems persist.

10:15 Eucharist at Good Shepherd in downtown Raleigh. Can't say the homily spoke to me much.

We have done a boatload of things since we got home from TX and I feel like it's in danger of all slipping out from under me if I don't spend a solid block of time processing. Mobile dep'ed check from Miss's mom. Emptied more clothes into closets. Leafed through ValPak coupons. Pruned coupons and ads from USPS COA welcome mailers. Filed receipts etc. and piled shredding and batteries to recycle. Miss continued having wifi disruptions on her ifon; I moved the WAP a few feet over to try to dodge any interference from plumbing or wiring and that seemed to improve something.

Did some curation in the music library. I decided to jettison the partial Jeff Wayne "War of the Worlds" bits rather than try to piece together a poorly-documented, experimental and at-times-overwrought nostalgia catalog item. Back before we moved, I had Genesis's "Mama" stuck in my head for a bit, but I can't be bothered to acquire it for the library now. I did manage to clean up the damaged copies of some tracks from KMFDM's "Light" maxisingle.

After driving around some every day, we're starting to get an internalized map. One thing that bugged me was the lack of a name for our lake. Google Maps and other usual resourced had no name for it, but the Cary city website at least does have a page about the Greenway park project that shows it labeled as Macedonia Lake - not wholly obvious considering Macedonia Lake Dr. runs along the opposite side of the nearby strip mall zone.