tue posted: Tue 2018-01-30 18:10:06 tags: n/a
Raleigh is both the state capital and the county seat. Awoke before dawn to accompany Miss on her mission there. CFA for breakfast, Flying Burrito for lunch. 2 ReStores, a Goodwill, National Pawn, a couple little indie thrifts, another ReStore, and mailed out newsletters to fam at the Apex post office. Came home with a desk chair to offset the one Miss has appropriated from its intended spot, a pint of white paint, a 90W bulb to tone down from the 150W in the DR, a few cookbooks (GH, Joy of Cooking and Southern Living Magazines's Best of), an Epson V37 scanner. Leftover pesto chx and rice for dinner. Determined I'd discarded all my USB cables with B-type connectors that would enable the scanner, so we went out again to quest for that at the Cary Goodwill (no luck) and Mal*wart (ding) which we combined grudgingly with a grocery run.