wed posted: Wed 2018-01-31 06:25:09 tags: n/a
  • swap 150W DR bulb with 90W
  • run Nox 5-10 minutes and stash insurance ID card in glovebox
  • sweep front outer hall and balcony
  • hang spice rack
  • accompany Miss to bank and PO

    Have I mentioned I require copious amounts of "me" time to process my thoughts, feelings, etc? Yes, of course I have. I have had precious little of that in the past 3 weeks or more. I am overdue and more than ready for a solid day between breakfast and dinner with zero external "honey-do's". To feel organized and on-top-of-things, I also require additional uninterrupted time to review financials, educate myself to make informed choices, disposition email in my inbox, etc. I cannot articulate all the little habits and actions that add up to "processing and keeping organized". But my inability to articulate why I need unmolested time definitely does NOT mean I'm "doing nothing", so Miss's accusation that I was barring her from my computer to "do nothing" really got my hackles up. So, for the record, here's all the "nothing" I did, once she finished cycling through nagging, pouting, mumbling contrition, actually working through the things she needed a computer for in the first place, and getting out of the way:

  • accounts register update
  • cash out Ibotta accrual to Venmo
  • start a spreadsheet to track collection of tax documentation (W2, banks, ACA)
  • contact auto insurer for multi-line discount w/renter's insurance - no effect in NC but hey I tried
  • cable nets online registration, review and pay bill, go paperless
  • rent portal payment acct setup, payment for 2/1
  • energy util bill paid
  • appliance rental balance: nothing due til 2/24, check back around 2/15