thu pt 1 posted: Thu 2018-02-01 09:19:18 tags: gripes
It must be love, because I'm using my current-minus-one laptop, the Lenovo B50 with the slightly wonky right-click button and less-than-ergonomic built-in keyboard - instead of my current laptop. Because Miss is using the latter. Because she has things she nee~ee~eeds to do, but apparently these things are not quite important enough to stretch a little and make do with the older machine. Use of which, I'm demonstrating is quite possible if you're not a perfection-demanding stonewall tantrum-thrower. Also, after all I did to make sure her files were backed-up and confirm she was ready to let go of her Apple gear (which was out of support lifecycle and therefore growing more unsafe and limited by the day, that is when they would power up or charge at all) - it's somehow my fault she doesn't have Apple gear that was even less usable than this laptop.

Maybe it's cabin fever wearing me down, I also need to get off my chest how tired I am of saying 98756239 times a day... "what" "you need to speak up" "you know I can't hear you talking at a face-to-face volume in a different room with the water running" etc. And of pointing out that I don't have problems hearing other people, ergo it's not my hearing that needs checking. And how IF you want to feel heard THEN the burden is on you to exert the effort to be audible etc.