thu pt. 2 posted: Thu 2018-02-01 10:17:16 tags: n/a
I was never thrilled with the temporary moniker of \\codger for the newer (Dell Precision M4800 Win10) laptop, so yesterday I renamed it \\consuelo. With the dust mostly settled from moving, my next "me" projects are finishing transcription of old journals, scanning and cataloguing the growing pile of accessory documentation to keep the "docs box" under control.

Called St. Paul's / Cary and spoke to Melanie to get an idea of attendance at their Sunday services: ~30 retirees at the 7:30a old-school (Rite I) Eucharist, 240-300 at the 9AM family-oriented service and ~200 at the 11:15. 240-300 was in line with St. G's in-season attendance. I won't say that's "too big", but I'll acknowledge it becomes harder to feel personally connected in such a crowd.

Now that I've picked up 3 classic cookbooks, I need to sit down and select a few recipes to try my hand at sometime soon.

  • space heater: awaiting via Amazon
  • DR table + chairs
  • side tables; coffee tbl or ottoman?
  • LR lamps
  • queen bed frame, head/footboard + mattress
  • nightstands
  • file cabinet/cart
  • umbrella stand/ purse drop tbl / keys
  • cheap simple laser printer?

    I waver over the importance of a printer - it will be handy to print résumés and would be nice for traveling to-do lists, but the latter should really be cloud-ified somehow anyway.