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Cary NCWorks office visit stalled
Enabled file sharing from \\consuelo to \\dora

Investments review
Determined the IRA bank with the account-closure fee also doesn't play well with the credit union for the automated bank account linking process, necessitating mailing. No middle ground, no emailing completed forms.

Shopped some more pillow suppliers. There's a new result sifting to the top of these searches, which I won't enable by repeating here but it's similar to "feather lo-cal bedding" and it's rife with spelling errors so I wouldn't trust it anyway. GuestSupply by Sysco is an industry supplier, not a retail outlet.

on-the-cheap luxury bedding build
HuffPo: Maximizing benefits of couple sleep

crawfish etouffee, swap crawfish for shrimp?

how (and whether) to overturn Citizens United

Closing in on Inbox Zero, which is a nice place to be when you're ramping up for a job hunt.