sun posted: Sun 2018-02-04 06:38:14 tags: n/a
Left the house before coffee yesterday, much less vitamins, so I'm catching up today.

If Sunday is the Lord's day then Fri-Sat is when I'd want to schedule sheet and pillowcase rotation, and little housekeepy things like wipe out the microwave, polish up the stove etc.

Visited St. Christopher's in Garner for their 10:30 service. This was a small "mission-status" congregation with only 25-35 in attendance on a typical Sunday, up considerably from the beginning of Fr. David's vicarage ~2 years ago.

Did some furniture shopping - Kimbrell's, Garner Wayside Furniture, and Ashley HomeStore / Cary. After a Google search gave me the Ashley address off Piney Plains Rd last night, Google Navigate was a total butt about navigating us there today. First it refused to list that location and kept pinning the Glenwood Ave / Raleigh store instead. Then when I worked by street address it tried to infinite-loop us on a cloverleaf.

The headboard styles I favored from online idea-gathering tended more toward metal pieces with elegant curlicues. Miss really liked a wood unit with drawers at Kimbrell's. Nothing really spoke to us at Wayside, and we spotted several pieces at Ashley that we'd seen priced lower at Kimbrell's, so I think we'll end up back there.

If yesterday's vocabulary word was encaustic, today's is desuetude (DES-wə-tood) - denoting a law that has gone unenforced for some time and hence fallen into disuse. This is important in law because in Western justice, it is a valid argument that a law that has gone unenforced should not be suddenly revived to selectively punish a class such as minorities.