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Got our walkies on for ~5200 steps before noon: Speight Branch Greenway trail to SE Cary Pkwy and back, .5mi between Tryon and Pkwy ergo well over a mile total.

Working in the college planning industry, I heard the stats regularly for 15 years, about how college tuition inflation was outpacing general inflation 3:1 or more. This hyperinflation of college costs has been going on since at least the early 80s. So when the Sanders Institute emailed about a Levy Institute study called "The Macroeconomic Effects of Student Debt Cancellation", even though I've left that industry, it was still sort of up my alley.
Exec Summary ~ Full paper

One of the traditions (though not a capital-t "Tradition") of the 12-step community is "telling your story" as a guest speaker. There's no hard-and-fast rules of what one's recovery story should look like, but there are resources that give some direction for the uncertain: meetings usually last about an hour so your story should fit that time format, maybe a little less if you're game to field Q+A at the end. Start at the beginning, which in the recovery context might briefly acknowledge a family or cultural milieu of drug abuse, but should focus mostly on personal responsibility for choosing to try and continue using drugs. There's a downward spiral where the drug of choice eclipses family, friends, career etc. There's a "hitting bottom" or epiphany moment, and then the story turns to messages of hope: life's better sober, sobriety is sustainable, you're not alone in the struggle etc.

The recovery community has something valuable to instruct other communities here. If liberal branches of Christianity are to credibly bear the evangelist badge, laity as well as clergy need to intentionally develop a skill of telling our Christian story. That story may bear some resemblance to the recovery story, but it doesn't have to and unless you're a prison convert, probably won't be a point-to-point correlation.