fri posted: Fri 2018-02-09 08:58:28 tags: n/a
Back in the day, Sesame Street and Electric Company drilled the concept of "taking turns" as basic fairness. When someone would rather isolate and sulk in bed than take turns between the shiny new bicycle and the rusty old one, it just looks overentitled and bratty. The other day the phrase was put in my mouth, "suck it up". Yes, in fact "sucking it up" is precisely what I'm doing when I use a less-preferred facility because the more-preferred one is camped. "Sucking it up", putting forth the necessary extra effort to achieve a desired result when conditions aren't ideal, is what grown-ups do. All I expect is that we take turns using the less-preferred tool when we both want it at the same time. If there's something objectively unfair about that expectation, I'm open to dialogue.

All investment and IRA transfers settled; waiting for one link authorization by postal mail. One man's "market correction" is another's "discount sale" and I'm poised to jump on it when the volatility levels off.