mon posted: Mon 2018-02-12 05:24:43 tags: n/a
Woke 7:30a a bit hungry. Shower, mocha

TIL: "Mocha" originally denoted a coffee bean strain with cocoa-y notes from the Red Sea port of Mocha, Yemen. By drift it came to represent any coffee + chocolate flavor, by mixture with chocolate syrup for example. So my instant coffee + cocoa powder habit is within bounds of the current word use and we can retire "choffee".

In the chaos of moving and setting up new utility accounts, I never got around to extending my financial projection into 2018. It helped me be mindful of bill pay cycles and will only be more helpful with the addition of utilities and laundry-appliance rental.

Flipped through what should be my last Palm Mensa newsletter hardcopy
Shuffled my "pile" into categories - taxes, job hunt, filing
Filed filing
Double-checked appliance paperless billing enrollment, yes but I'm still getting a paper bill... sigh
stowed laundry
Installed printer and realized we need paper -_-
Contacted Canon for Transitional Ministry re: career opps in DioNC