thu posted: Thu 2018-02-22 07:59:11 tags: n/a
Tried to get into my Mega cloud storage via the website yesterday, but the page hung on "retrieving account information". 50GB free storage doesn't do me much good if the garage door takes hours to open. Left it overnight to log in, and managed to update my sync settings and refresh my memory about effective configuration. The desktop / tray utility is probably the easiest way to routinize the cloud leg of a backup strategy. Syncing a local folder to the cloud drive root is definitely to be avoided. I need to stay mindful that it is a sync, not a one-directional copy, and expect a buildup of incremental fluff (e.g. datestamped successions of Chrome bookmark exports) between total clean-outs.

Finished super salty country ham with breakfast. High House Rd Habitat ReStore because they get new inventory in on Thursdays. Garage Bros, Perfect Piece.

30g Naked piƱa colada? flavor and 100mg caf. Paid electric bill now that the utility company has their authentication reboot worked out - right in line with my 80/mo prediction.

Reviewed rent invoice, now that we can see what a whole month looks like. Fixed "service fee", fixed trash fee, and metered water and wastewater were all within reason.

r/raisedbynarcissists: None of it was normal
"People who don't have abusive parents don't have to philosophize about whether their parents were abusive. Because it's obvious. They wouldn't even have to think about it."

I often feel internal resistance to branding my father a narcissist. Probably because the perpetual trivializing, deflecting, and denial ingrained self-doubt. A few days ago I remembered the time we visited his sister's family for a wedding or something, and stayed at a hotel where his sister was the check-in clerk. You'd think that would inhibit him from stealing, not just an ashtray or two... no, we went home with a hotel wastebasket. Way to model your "self-made success" narrative in front of your kids. Not.